And my father told my mother, "Let that boy boogie woogie". It's in him and it gots ta come out.

Boogie Chillen, John Lee Hooker

  • Blaze Hall says: 3/8/2021 Video gallery is down. Monday night fun!
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  • Who? What? How? Why: I've been involved in creative work and publishing ever since being a 12-year old intern at a local newspaper in the days of lino, photostat and t-squares. I started animation via flipbooks and at 17 worked as studio cameraman at a local UHF television station. Since then I've worked in home video, production, post-production, advertising, and in an assortment other areas in various levels.
  • The hip hop club known as "The Good Life" that became fairly influential to the global scene was started by D.Flow, O-Roc, and a much younger version of me.
  • I won several regional to international filmmaking awards in live action and animation for many movies when I was a young scrub.
  • I helped start a national magazine called No Sellout then branched off to do "Freestyle" Magazine.
  • I like color and hard light.
  • Blaze? RKainBlaze? WHuT!?! My given name of Clandestinedhermitage McWanklevokler IV is in a legal dispute against Andalusion polar bears so Blaze Hall it is.
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